c a l v i n k l e i n sheerbeauty


Today I’m going to do my first review. About a delicious perfume by Calvin Klein, called; Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY. This is definitely a favorite of mine! I love sweet, fruity and fresh perfumes. And this is a very good example of that. The perfume does not to be sprayed often, because you keep smelling the perfume, all day.

I bought this perfumes at Schiphol, just before I went to Tenerife.

normally this perfume costs € 62,99, but I had it for  €25. Because there was a discount offer two perfumes for €50. So that’s why my boyfriend and I had 2 perfumes for a really good price. Unfortunately, this one is almost empty. But I’m really going to get him again!!

So if you like fruity, fresh and sweet perfumes like me and this is definitely recommended.




Pictures taken by; me
Perfume: Calvin klein – earrings: Bershka – watch: Casio – magazine: The Vogue Netherlands 



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