Lovely Sunny days


My sister and I decided to make pictures together! And the pictures turned out really nice! If you want to know where I have my clothes from;

I decided to wear my new skirt from Stradivarius, The skirt is really fine so I love to wear it! He actually fit by a lot of things and that’s ofcourse always good to know! I always find it nice to wear skirts. You can wear a skirt classy or a little hip/cool.

The top is from Zara , my sister bought it! But the color is beautiful, i love red!

I got the shoes from reebok and they walk really nice! I needed black shoes, I had only white shoes. So I am really happy that I found these! If you have to walk a lot, the shoes from reebok, I would recommend them!

So… My sister and I had a great idea together,  We made a instagram and on that instagram we will post pictures of fashion etc.. but we are not ready with everything, so we still working on it! if we have everything ready, you will hear more about it!

I’m also working on great ideas for my blog and also ofcourse busy with school and work. So.. stay tuned!  .. If you have tips or ideas for my blog! they are always welcome! 




Photos: Stephanie.                              
Clothes: skirt: stradivarius – top: ZARA- Shoes: Reebok – Sunglasses: unknown


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