Hello hello!

We all feeling that the days getting colder,it gets dark earlier and the morning light is later. Despite this, I had a very nice sunny day in Amsterdam! I had a few days ago a beautiful red pants seen by Subdued, also called a flared jeans! (Love these things!) But… Also a green pants, I could not make a choice and I took the green. I could not stop thinking about the red pants! I finally sold the green on my sister and I went to Amsterdam to pick up the red! I am completely happy! Well it is very difficult to make my own pictures of myself in the pants .. So these come later!

But I have a passion for photography, So I have pictures of Amsterdam, and some stores I always visit when I’m in Amsterdam! I love Amsterdam and  it is always crowded but cozy here. And some stores are just really nice on a picture!

Meanwhile, I’m busy with fun new ideas for photos and blog posts and already have some great ideas! so keep an eye on my blog! It is on its way!


lots of love,

Pictures made by; Me


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