Purpose Tour

Heyhey you!

The concert was really really good and I had so much fun with Sanne! His new music is really nice and ofcourse he can dance and it was really cute to see how 3 childeren were allowed to dancing with him! Yes!! i had a really good day sunday! If you want to read my my whole day, continue reading .. I typed more than I expected haha! yes it is a looooong story


After a long wait ..yesterday was finally the day of the concert from Justin Bieber! I had a really nice day with my friend Sanne! At the beginning of the afternoon we went by car to Arnhem. After a long drive and searching, we finally came to the parking lot, which fortunately was not very busy! From the parking lot, was a free shuttle back and forth to the Gelredome.

Once arrived at the Gelredome, we saw many girls and boys waiting and sitting on the ground for the best spot! And we just moved to the town .. it was really cool outside! but we continued towards the town, where we drink and eat something by Le Grand Cafe in Arnhem. And it was really good! Good music and the waitresses are nice! At 5 pm we went back to the Gelredome, it was so incredibly busy! Pretty fun to see how many people! We had entrance H, where we had to wait in a long line until we could enter.

We had a good view! of course is a pitch much more fun! but I’m glad I could go to the concert! it was really funny to see how everyone ran forward for the best place! And wow what a lot of people and they can make so much noice..it is abnormal how all those girls all screamed together! But yeah the concert was sooooooo great! The songs were fun and really good, he danced ofcourse really really good!! There was also a good atmosphere despite sometimes a lot of noise! I didn’t mind if the concert lasted a little longer haha!

around 10 o’clock in the evening was the concert over and everyone was going outside .. My god.. what was that badly organized!! all the thousands of girls and boys stood on one square and you had yourself to figure out how to past all those people, to go to the other side, for the bus… and yes after that we were in the bus and we finally thought we were able to go home .. but our bus driver did not know the way! So end position ; after about a 1.5 hour drive  in Arnhem ,he went back to the Gelredome, we got another bus driver and after 5 minutes. We were finally by the car and we can finally go home!!

Lots of love,

  • pictures made by; Sanne and Me

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset




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