I am back! It was a long time ago that I posted something on my blog!  I’m back!

people who follow my facebook page had already seen it! but I became a beauty ambassador for … Solligne! I guess not everyone knows it, because they just started! They currently have two products! eyelash and eyebrow dye. 

and so I have tried the eyelash dye! and I really like , to do it!  It’s really simple! Once you open the package, everything you need is in it! Also you get an explanation on how to use it And Yes as I say that was really simple! you should really make time for it  and follow exactly what you need to do. 

especially if you’re bit clumsy like me! you should make time for it, because I wanted one eye a little too fast & now I have something black on my eyelid, that will be there for  3 days! 

so I am sure that this is very well to do, as long as you follow exactly the points What You need to do And What you need to use, to do it right!

The product is available on the Internet (at the Douglas site) And You have the product for €14,95!  link: Douglas Solligne Product or for more information go to Solligne Home

Lots of love, Maxime 

You can follow Solligne op Facebook And on Instagram.
 I want to thank Solligne for the products!


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