Hello Hello! 

Now I’ve finally been to London! and I can not wait to go back! What a beautiful city and the people are so Nice!  I really love London now! 

I had booked the trip for two! and it was a trip with a bus. I would not recommend the trip by bus , but I Will recommend the city!

We had to take the train to Apeldoorn where we would take the bus. When everyone was there we went to Arnhem and then to Tiel.  From Tiel we went to Ghent and there was the first pause! From there we continued immediately to Calais, where we had to get off the bus for a passport control.

And from there we sailed from Calais to Dover by boat. And we went from Dover to London! I can also say that I have been too short in London and will certainly be back again!

what a great city, so much to see, beautiful buildings too! I’ve seen so much; the london eye and picadilly circus! It was just too much for a day , everything You can see there! I have also made so many pictures!

I can not wait to book the next city trip! Do you know a nice option for next time?
Lots of love, Maxime



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