Life is short. Make each hair flip fabulous


Hey hey,

I’ve been very busy with school and with my internship! because of the exams this year. And yeah.. I also work every weekend! So sometimes I have no idea where I can find some time, to do other things! But okay, I will find my way in this because I really like to make pictures. And I have to much ideas for new blog posts.. But how I do all these things is the question.

But yeaah one week to go! And then I have vacation! and that means I have a lot of time again. And I can spend that time with making pictures And New blog posts about that! As I say, I have a lot of ideas and things I want to let you know. Wauw I have no idea where to start haha! But yes I’m going to write my ideas  and then I plan them all. And you will read about it. I So stay tuned, Because it’s coming your way!

On the pictures I wear my new blouse.  I bought the blouse in a cute little store in Almelo. The town where I live. The name of the store is miss ambitious. And the shoes I bought on the site from pull and bear.

Lots of love,

@ Pictures by; Stephanie
– Blouse; Miss ambitious – Shoes; Pull and bear – 



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