Hello Hello!  Now I’ve finally been to London! and I can not wait to go back! What a beautiful city and the people are so Nice!  I really love London now!  I had booked the trip for two! and it was a trip with a bus. I would not recommend the trip by bus , … More London

Purpose Tour

Heyhey you! The concert was really really good and I had so much fun with Sanne! His new music is really nice and ofcourse he can dance and it was really cute to see how 3 childeren were allowed to dancing with him! Yes!! i had a really good day sunday! If you want to read … More Purpose Tour


Hello hello! We all feeling that the days getting colder,it gets dark earlier and the morning light is later. Despite this, I had a very nice sunny day in Amsterdam! I had a few days ago a beautiful red pants seen by Subdued, also called a flared jeans! (Love these things!) But… Also a green pants, I could … More Amsterdam